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Ricochet Circus presents: Circus Workshops!

Ricochet Circus has provided exciting circus workshops to hundreds of schools across Western Australia. In addition to these classes, Scooby has also provided outreach workshops to youth groups, Be-Active projects and indigenous communities- Scooby has always been there promoting creativity and encouraging everyone to “have a go!”

Ricochet Circus presents:

Have A Go Circus!

Scooby arrives at your event with a big box of circus props which kids and families can play with; learning from one of the best circus trainers in WA!

Have a go circus brings a fun, interactive, lively atmosphere to any occasion and is perfect for festivals, shopping centres, cruise ships and community events.

• Builds hand-eye co-ordination
• Learn fun new skills
• Physical activity
• Suitable for all ages
• Increased brain size! (scientific fact)

Not only does Scooby enable every student to go home with a sense of personal achievement, they also develop great new skills that they can show off to their friends and family!


Corporate Team Building

Ricochet Circus presents:

Corporate Team Building
Juggling Workshops

" Morgan provided a demonstration in juggling and then gave the 60 staff in attendance a lesson in juggling. This was much fun and gave staff the opportunity to meet, speak and share a laugh with people they had not met before. This achieved exactly what the team was looking for. "

Ricochet Circus is proud to offer team building juggling workshops for conferences, staff sharing days, conventions and companies looking to add a little extra up their sleeve in the workplace.

Circus School Incursion

Ricochet Circus presents:

Circus in Schools - Structured workshops

Doing a project on circus? Trying to add more diversity to your drama class? Circus is a perfect addition to the school curriculum!

Ricochet Circus
provides one-off introductory circus workshops to excite and entertain students as an incursion. In addition, they also provide weekly classes at schools which develop skills further and integrate performance elements.

There are workshops for all ages, ranging from primary school to upper school and also university.

Why is circus a great addition for schools?

Non-Competitive – Instead of competing with others you’re only competing with yourself. Most physical activities have a competitive element but circus skills do not. They are creative and artistic while still being energetic.

Confidence and Self-Esteem – Being able to do impressive things improves confidence in yourself. The fact that other people will also find the skills impressive increases confidence and self-esteem even further!

Leveller – Boys aren't better than girls and sporty kids aren't better than smart ones. Everyone is equal. The people who do the best at circus skills are the ones most determined to learn. This is especially important because it can engage children who are less enthusiastic about participating in other sports.

Learning how to juggle is scientifically proven to increase brain power! (click here for link)